mercoledì 25 novembre 2009

GUEST MIX: Que Pelicula! (Boogaloo lessons with Mr. Papito Shingaling)

The first guest of the Sabrosura Blog is of course Papito! My friend from Salerno is a record collector and vinyl dealer. In the last years he spent most of his time looking for music treasures in Colombia providing the finest cuts to music lovers around the world. With him I shared one of the funniest moment of my travelling experience visiting the allmighty Discos Fuentes in Medellin. Here's a fantastic show, one hour of grooves selected for your latin delight.


King Nando - Slick symphony sid - Swinger
Mike Ensenat & His Orchestra - A taste - Remo
Alfredo Linares y su Sonora - Probandolo se sabe - Delujo
Bobby Valentin - Try out - Fuentes
Los Melodicos - Pow wow - Discomoda
Menique y Kako - Kako's boogaloo - Artol
Bobby Valentin - Geronimo - Palacio
Nelson y sus Estrellas - Fantasia latina - Palacio
Dimension Latina - Zun zun baba'e - Top Hits
Piro Mantilla y su Conjunto - Duda - Velvet
Conjunto Universal - Chango me llaman - Velvet
Pluma y sus 8 Octavos - Quemando - Ins
Orquesta Tipica Ideal - Vamonos pa' Senegal - Artol
Ray Barretto - Pachanga oriental - Discos Melser
Compay Segundo - Saludo Compay - Orbe
Lord Flea and his Calypsonians - Love - Capitol
Lord Kitchener - Come back with me wife nighty - Sounds of the Caribbean
Los Silvertones - Old buzzard - Padisco

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  1. grande paolo moggi e le sue boogaloo lessons (Tm Franco Cartiere) :-)