mercoledì 4 gennaio 2012

GUEST MIX !! Tropical Disco Promotional Vol.2 by FUNKYBOMPA

Wooow Xavier a.k.a. Funky Bompa sent a wonderful party mix!!! Lots of unreleased re-edits and original gems. I've been guest few month ago at his TROPICAL party in Bruxelles, his selection is amazing... what a wonderful night!

Check out his website There are all the infos about parties, the old mixes, the fantastic fliers he does.


01 Los Demonios del Mantaro - Liliana (Funky Bompa edit - unreleased)
02 Guynamukat - Lagos african disco bridge (Brass & Rhodes Creaky Re-edit) (Guynamukat)
03 Carlos Pickling - Domingo por la manana (MAG)
04 The Light Of Saba - Sabebe (Honest Jons)
05 Peregoyo y su combo Vacana - Caravana (Fuentes)
06 Manzanita y su conjunto - La gallinita (Dinsa)
07 Funky Bompa edit - Santa Maria (unreleased)
08 Funky Bompa edit - Tchoco (unreleased)
09 Funky Bompa edit - Aquarelon (unreleased)
10 Bossa Tres - Onde anda meu amor (Odeon)
11 Rupert Clemendore & John Buddy Williams Man in dey (Funky Bompa edit unreleased)
12 The Great Stars - Ohia woho yi (Doctor)
13 Os Kiezos - Comboio (Funky Bompa edit - unreleased)
14 High Class Diamonds - Emaa (Decca)
15 Guillermo Portabales - Promesas de un campesino (Seeco)
16 Atis Indepandan - Dodinin (Paredon)

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